Ethos Group

Providing dealerships with integrated programs to increase value in their F&I, Sales, and Fixed Operations Departments.

Ethos provides dealerships with an integrated program of:

  • results-driven income-development services which enhance profitability and control
  • comprehensive training for essential profit-center positions
  • robust recruiting and precise placement
  • industry-leading products tailored to each dealership location
Ethos commitment focuses upon creating increased value in each of the respective F&I, Sales, and Fixed Operation departments. Through ever-changing markets and economic cycles, they have a proven record of successfully adapting an integrated program mix of mentoring, education, recruiting and products to provide their dealer clients with the resources to thrive as industry leaders.

“Ethos” is defined as a “…distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution.” Their name was conceived by reflecting upon those traits which brought, and continue to keep, the group together: hard work, trust, initiative and an ethos of excellence.

Advantages for KADA Members when working with Ethos Group

  • The top performing clients in Kansas have achieved a $1421 per car average and the overall average in 2011 for the state was $1121 per car
  • Ethos Group provides a suite of products and industry leading technology
  • Hands on training for sales people, F&I and service departments
  • Representatives work with an average of only 10-12 dealerships at a time
  • Outstanding CSI and low chargebacks
  • All Ethos Representatives have industry experience and an impeccable knowledge of the sales, F&I, and vehicle service departments.

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