Your Kansas Automobile Dealers Election Action Committee (KADEAC) is a critical element of our legislative success. And the success of your Political Action Committee (PAC) depends on you!

Your PAC supports candidates who demonstrate a willingness to listen to our concerns and understand our industry.

KADEAC allows dealers and supporters of our industry from across the state to speak with a single, unified voice. As a major contributor in Kansas General Elections, KADEAC demonstrates the importance of our industries issues to our elected officials.

But your PAC is only as strong as the dealers who support it! Every Kansas dealer has benefitted tremendously from the legislative efforts of KADA. There is no doubt that without the efforts of KADA, motor vehicle retailing in Kansas would be a very different and more challenging industry.

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As an important element of NADA's success on Capitol Hill, the NADA Political Action Committee helps elect individuals who understand the needs of new-car and -truck dealers. NADA's political action committee (formerly known as DEAC), contributes to those federal candidates who listen to the concerns of dealers and carefully weigh the costs of proposed laws and regulations against their purported benefits.

Since 1975, NADA PAC has contributed more than $25 million to the election campaigns of pro-business, pro-dealer congressional candidates. NADA PAC is governed by a 14-person board of trustees, including KADA President Don McNeely, and is staffed by three full-time employees in McLean, Va.

The money collected by NADA PAC is contributed directly to pro-business, pro-dealer congressional candidates. NADA pays for the PAC's fundraising and administrative costs.

NADA PAC is bipartisan and contributes to pro-dealer House and Senate candidates.
NADA PAC candidate contributions are made according to the written recommendations of the dealer leadership of each appropriate state and metro association.

For more information on NADA PAC, visit the NADA website.
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