There is strength in numbers!

Dollar for dollar, membership in the Kansas Automobile Dealers Association (KADA) is one of the best investments a dealer can make. Any dealership, person, firm, corporation or partnership having an established place of business in the state of Kansas and who is actively engaged in the automotive business is invited to apply for membership in the Kansas Automobile Dealers Association. Please take a look at the many programs and services that KADA members enjoy as a result of membership in KADA. Through the "power of association," KADA members are able to accomplish goals that would be difficult or impossible for one dealer to pursue alone.

Membership Benefits 

Your association's website is a "hub" for dealer members providing instant access to online dealer information and resources. KADA Members will have access to certain member-only pages including the Legal Library, News Page, Legislative Affairs, and Member Directory.

Newsletters/News Alerts

Issued monthly to each dealer and associate member, KADA’s Comments Newsletter contains up-to-date information regarding current industry information. KADA News Alert Emails are also issued periodically in order to alert members of critical information that may affect their business.

Legislative Representation

KADA is involved in each Legislative Session on a full-time basis, identifying and tracking all bills relative to our industry and providing up-to-date targeted legislative advisories to members.

KADA Workers’ Compensation Insurance

KADA Members are offered the beneficial option of obtaining Workers’ Compensation Insurance through the KADA Workers’ Compensation Fund. The Kansas Automobile Dealers Worker’s Compensation Fund (“KADWCF” or “the Fund”) concept originated in early 1990 out of a need to offer KADA members a viable alternative to traditional Worker’s Compensation Insurance due to the rising premiums charged by conventional insurance companies.

Business Forms & Supplies, Ad Specialties, & Dealer Apparel

KADA offers a variety of business forms, supplies, advertising specialties and dealer apparel which can be ordered at competitive prices. Count on a wide selection, competitive pricing, and great service!

Title Service

KADA works closely with the Kansas Department of Revenue and is pleased to offer assistance to dealerships with their title service needs in order to expedite processing within the Kansas Department of Revenue.

Associate Members

KADA thoroughly researches various companies to ensure that only those with the very highest standards are recommended by the Association. Associate Members are highly valued within KADA and clearly have an advantage over non-members when trying to build business relationships.

Dealer Listing

KADA Member Dealers and Associates will benefit from the online member directory on the KADA Website. This directory allows members to easily find dealers based upon their location and type of dealership and provides contact information in a concise, user-friendly format.

Advocacy with State Agencies

Advocacy through KADA’s relationships with state regulatory and industry agencies, such as the Division of Motor Vehicles, Attorney General’s Office, Department of Revenue, and NADA are a valuable benefit to members in preserving dealer’s business interests.

Staff Resources/Information

KADA is a source of information as near as your telephone, mailbox, fax machine, or computer — a "business partner" that can provide assistance on both day-to-day and long-range operations.

Legal Consultation & Guidance

Members will have access to KADA’s legal team, specializing in operational and franchise law as well as admittance to a comprehensive legal library on the KADA website.

Dealer Bonds

Receive prompt service and a competitive rate when you purchase your bond through KADA! Through a partnership with Allied Insurance and CNA Surety, KADA is pleased to offer a full range of surety products to protect your business interests. Allied Insurance and CNA are companies that carry a tradition of service and integrity that are also flexible and focused on satisfying the unique requirements of each customer. Allied Insurance and CNA will listen to and review your dealerships individual needs and give full consideration to your assets. KADA and Allied/CNA Underwriters will also work quickly to assess your needs and issue your bond.

Kansas Automobile Dealers Election Action Committee (KADEAC)

KADA’s Election Action Committee was created for the purpose of supporting, through voluntary dealer contributions, candidates for Kansas legislatures and state offices. KADEAC allows dealers and supporters of our industry from across the state to speak with a single, unified voice. As a major contributor in Kansas General Elections, KADEAC demonstrates the importance of our industries issues to our elected officials.

Endorsed Partners

All of KADA’s marketing partners have undergone extensive effort to thoroughly research not only the effectiveness of the services provided, but also the philosophy of the organization to ensure that our members receive the quality service they need and expect from a KADA endorsed company.

Membership Tax Benefits

Because KADA is a for-profit trade association, the Association pays the taxes; therefore, all membership dues are 100% deductible.
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