Cyber Security

KADA has partnered with Aon and Coalition to offer a comprehensive cyber insurance program that is also very competitively priced. As the largest broker of cyber insurance, Aon was pleased to have this opportunity to work with KADA to identify a carrier that would bring value beyond just an insurance policy.

The Coalition's proactive approach to cyber risk, along with their security and risk management apps, can reduce your costs to detect, recover and contain a breach by over 40%. You will receive a broad set of security tools to monitor your exposure starting with a Cyber Risk Assessment that is provided with your quote for coverage.

Coalition's proprietary platform also provides ransomware protection, DDos mitigation, automated threat and intelligence alerts, patch management and more. These are available to you at no additional cost.

The process to receive a quote is relatively easy. Complete the quote request form and email it over to Diane Fuller ( or Sandy Hayward ( If you have multiple dealerships and/or are operating in multiple states, our preference would be to bundle them together under one policy. However, if you could complete a quote request for each location that would allow us to provide you with a premium allocation by location.

You will be provided a proposal within 3 days along with your Cyber Risk Assessment. The proposal will include a pre-filled application for you to review, sign and return along with your payment if you decided to purchase the coverage.

Hardly a day goes by that we don't ready about another cyber breach, it isn't a question of if a company will get hacked but when. We believe this program will provide you and your company with valuable tools to protect yourself as much as possible in today's ever-changing technology would.

If you have any questions, please call either Sandy Hayward or Diane Fuller at (816) 698-4600.

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