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We are addressing multiple topics in this letter as your safety efforts continue to show positive results – i.e., you are reporting more of the types of claims expected and very few of the types we have been working to avoid. While we continue to see contusions, lacerations and bruises of hands and feet, many of these are medical only claims. That said, these claims can quickly escalate in severity if not treated properly.

To avoid these types of injuries, keep it simple -- always pay attention to what your hands are doing and your surroundings. Always think about what you are about to do before you take action. Think through the entire task and assess what can go wrong – before you start the task.

Claims Reporting and Claim Lag
Gallagher Bassett (GB) offers three methods for claim reporting: internet, fax and telephone. We strongly encourage internet reporting not only because there is no fee for using it, but more importantly because it will save you time as many of the required fields are filled for you once you are logged in to RISC-FAXS. Internet reporting also allows GB to promptly route the claim to an adjuster.

Claim lag, the number of elapsed days between injury date and reported date, can have a significant impact on your claims costs as the ability to influence medical treatment is lost or greatly diminished within a few days of the injury. Your adjuster can’t help you unless she is involved.

General Precautions for Every Task:
Identify and recognize hazards. Almost all injuries can be avoided.
Think through each job before you begin. What can go wrong?
Follow safety rules. Avoid shortcuts.
If you need help, ask.

The State of Kansas requires claims to be reported within 28 days of the injury date and fines the Fund $250 for each late report. Within that 28 days, you must allow five workdays for GB to investigate and report the claim to the state. Three recent claims were not reported timely. More importantly, however, is that timely reporting almost always ensures both a better outcome for the injured worker and a lower claim cost. Contact Josie Landes at Gallagher Bassett if you ever have questions (see below for contact info).



For more information on the Workers Compensation Fund, please call (785) 233-6456.

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